Workers’ compensation for your business

以防发生意外, you want coverage to help take care of your employees and protect your business from major financial loss.


A workers' compensation insurance policy provides benefits to your employees for work-related injuries and illnesses. It may also pay for medical treatment, temporary and permanent disability and death benefits. Requirements for workers’ comp vary by state.

Why your business needs workers’ compensation insurance

Nearly every state requires businesses to carry workers’ compensation insurance. But even if your state does not have such a requirement, carrying workers comp is still a smart idea that could protect your business if your employee suffers a work-related injury or illness. Workers compensation insurance is also a great way to look out for your employees and their families.

The cost of workers’ compensation insurance

No business is quite like your business, so we can’t tell you what you’ll pay for workers’ compensation insurance without speaking with you. What we can tell you is that your premium will be based on your payroll and industry. Like a good neighbor, your agent can help you consider the unique needs of your business.


访问 工人赔偿申索 for help with claims and access Claim Kits with state-specific information and posters and bulletins to display at your business.

Loss control services and resources

Many workers’ compensation losses are preventable. Check out our free resources to help you identify and mitigate some common causes of business and workers’ compensation losses.



Workers’ compensation is an auditable policy, so the initial premium is based on your estimated payroll for the upcoming policy period.


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