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Labs @ State Farm®


We will transform 和 disrupt the present to accelerate our future. Learn how we invest in companies that disrupt convention 和 find better ways to help.

Technology inspired auto insurance


HiRoad delivers telematics-based auto insurance that rewards car owners for their good driving behaviors in cost savings.


BlueOwl was established as a tech start-up 和 is building the technology, data, 和 product solutions utilized by HiRoad.

W在这里 ideas are incubated

流动性 & 运输

Develop offerings that safely enable movement of people or goods.


Offer seniors a suite of products 和 services that improve their lives.


Add value to the homeowner 和 renter experience through telematics 和 technology.


Use the enhanced security 和 transparency of 区块链 to better serve customers.

Artificial Intelligence

Implement AI to streamline 和 improve capabilities for employees 和 customers.


Accelerate our risk modeling to deliver positive changes for customers faster.

Aerial Data Insights (including Drones)

Use aerial imagery 和 technology to advance the ways we serve customers.


Identify products that improve efficiencies, reduce costs, 和 help customers.

Parametric pp王者电子官网

Fill gaps in insurance by covering severe, low-frequency, 和 unprotected risks.

Quantum Computing

研究 quantum computing 和 find solutions that enhance our capabilities.

研究 & Development Center | University of Illinois

This internship program provides interns with real world projects that empower them to interact, 创新, 和影响.

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Work with us 和 develop new ways to help customers.